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Insulation Contractor Philadelphia Pa

When selecting a product for insulating, it is important that you know that there is no such thing as a one-type-fits-all superior product. Every type performs equally well when installed properly and when sealed from air.

Materials for insulation run the gamut from bulky materials made of fiber such as cellulose, wool slag, natural fibers or rock to sleek foils and rigid foam boards. Bulky materials resist convective and conductive heat flow in building cavities. Air is trapped by rigid foam boards or another gas for resisting the flow of heat.

In radiant barriers, highly reflective foils and reflective systems of insulation reflect radiant heat away from your livable space. This is particularly notable in cool climates Other materials include phenolic and cementitious foams as well as perlite or vermiculate foams, which are less commonly used.


Insulation Contractor Philadelphia Pa

Fireproofing Insulation

Fireproofing insulation involves the fire-resistant installation of door frames and windows. Fire and smoke resistant sealing of connections between floors, ceilings, and walls. This also involves sealing of pipe penetrations and cables in walls, roof constructions, and all openings. Fireproofing insulation improves thermal insulation in cooling and heating systems.

Fire-resistant foam insulation contains fire retardants. Formulated specifically for fire resistance, these products involve a high degree of resistance to fire compared to standard foam. There are insulating products and foam sealants that contain fire retardants. These are to resist flames and the slow spread of fire. 

Blow In Insulation

Blow-in insulation is considered to be the best method of adding insulating material to construction, such as wall cavities and attic spaces. Loose-fill insulation, also known as blow-in involves the process of filling joist or stud cavities or getting attic floors covered with loose material that has a high R-value.

Blow-in improves the R-value of your home. The R-value is the standard of the industry for measuring the value of resistance of different insulating materials. The better the insulation, the higher the R-value. Various materials can be used as blow-in, including loose fiberglass fibers, styrofoam pellets or cellulose material. Because of its high R-value, it is also considered excellent for soundproofing purposes.

Made from wood-based materials such as cardboard or recycled newspaper, blow-in cellulose is treated with substances such as boric acid that makes it resistant to mold and flame. This is then packaged in tightly-packed bags or bales. A mechanical hopper or blower then uses paddles to churn up the cellulose material to mix it with air. It then begins to blow the fluffy material through a hose to the required location. 

Insulation Contractor Philadelphia Pa
Insulation Contractor Philadelphia Pa

Batt Insulation

Make your home more energy-efficient and save money in the process. You can do this by increasing your home insulation. Batt insulation is one of the most popular means of insulating attics, ceilings and walls as well as crawl spaces and basements. Generally, it is manufactured using fiberglass. It can also be made out of stone wool or cotton. It is installed fairly quickly without an expensive blower. It is one of the least costly methods of insulating your home.

This type is also best for soundproofing as the fiber provides excellent absorption of sound. Available in pre-cut panels or rolls, batting has flexibility. This means that it can be installed between joists blocks, rafters and studs. This fits snugly and stops airflow and heat transfer. When correctly installed, batting is extremely energy efficient. Your home becomes more comfortable all-year-round with a lower energy bill. 

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a term referring to various materials made of plastic foam used for construction building to minimize the infiltration of air and to provide thermal insulation. A great product, spray foam insulation is used as an air barrier and insulation. This type creates a seal that is airtight and less permeable to the infiltration of air. It also provides you with a barrier against moisture. This keeps water from seeping through crevices, holes, cracks and damaging floors and walls. 

Insulation Contractor Philadelphia Pa