Drywall Repair Philadelphia Pa

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Drywall Repair Philadelphia Pa

Is your home or business drywall in need of some serious attention from the professionals? Whether you come across holes or need to fix water damage in your sheetrock, Philadelphia Drywall Contracting is a qualified and reliable company to ask for help! Just a one-time call will ensure a complete transformation of your damaged gypboard.

We always take pride in offering efficient services at the fastest possible time. Once you call us, we will arrive on time, do a thorough house inspection to point out every sheetrock
issues, and offer a free quote to on our services to help plan your budget. Your home is likely your most significant investment, and that is why you should hire the experts!

Our many years of service have enabled us to gain rich experience when it comes to offering excellent drywall repair services. We start by repairing your gypboard, perform a seamless patchwork (we use high precision equipment like hole mesh), sand it, and them prime it to create a perfect surface. We always ensure total customer satisfaction. Our technicians are professionally trained to not only fix your sheetrock but also refinish the surface with specialty finish or any paint or wallpaper covering you desire.


​What caused damage to your drywall?

Parking curbs often come in one of two ways. The first type of parking curbing is rounded edges that extend from a poured concrete sidewalk. These edges are meant to stop tired from jumping up, on to the sidewalks. The rounded edges help to keep tired from being damaged in the process. The other type of curb are free-standing concrete pieces that are poured and then installed at the front of parking spaces. These concrete curbings are meant to do the exact same thing as sidewalk curbs, with the exception that they don’t need a sidewalk present to be attached to.
Drywall Repair Philadelphia Pa

Drywall Holes

​​Most holes are caused by an accidental forceful impact, such as slamming the door open or falling objects on the wall. Despite the damaging factor, your drywall needs professional attention. You could be looking at anything from just a small dent to a worrying crater that can compromise your entire house structure leading to its demolition. That is why you need a hole repair service immediately!

Wall Removals

​Removing things attached to the wall – a wallpaper, a tile, a mirror – can lead to sheetrock pieces coming off. Moreover, some screw holes might damage the wall during the attachment or removal of these things.

Drywall Repair Philadelphia Pa
Drywall Repair Philadelphia Pa

Moisture and Water Damage

Moisture or water damage could be due to poor plumbing systems leading to water leakages. Water damage might weaken your gypboard’s structural integrity. Even if water patches aren’t visible, moisture in ceilings or walls can lead to other issues like cracks.

Other factors that can cause issues are dented corner bead, popping nails, furniture scuffs, loosened up joint tape, everyday wear, and tear and pet damage. Despite your sheetrock issue, hiring the Philadelphia Drywall Contracting Company is an easy and fast way to refresh your rooms whose walls are damaged or looking tired.

In a nutshell, choosing the right service provider leads to satisfying and long-lasting results. You want to hire an experienced, fully licensed, and insured company like us! Why don’t you call us or visit our website for more information concerning our