Drywall Installation Philadelphia, Pa

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Drywall Installation Philadelphia, Pa

​There are several steps for installing drywall. The first step during the installation process involves measuring and cutting sheets depending on your needs. Some of the tools that are needed for the cutting include pencils and T-squares.

​Hanging sheetrock involves attaching sheets to the wood and metal studs used in framing your rooms. Vertical installations are ideal for metal studs, while horizontal installations are ideal for wood studs. Drywall lifts are used when hanging sheetrock.

​Finishing involves taping and mudding. Mud and tape are applied along the joints of your plasterboard. The substances should be applied carefully to provide a smooth and level surface.
There are many types of drywall, which are classified depending on the activity and where the installation is done. Gypboard installation is done in both residential and commercial properties. Sheetrock is sold in panels, but they can be easily cut into different sizes, depending on your needs.


Common Types of Drywall

There are many different types of gypboard, and you need to research extensively to ensure that you make the right decision. The following are types:

Drywall Finishing Philadelphia, Pa

Traditional Drywall

This gypboard is the most common type among residential and commercial property owners. The thickness of regular wallboard ranges between 3/8 and 1 inch. On the other hand, the length of it ranges between 8 and 12 feet, while the width is usually 48 inches.

Moisture Resistant Drywall

There are several classifications of moisture-resistant sheetrock. The first category is called green board drywall, which has a green covering to make it resistant to moisture. Generally, this type is more expensive than others. The green board is not waterproof. Therefore, they should not be used if they are going to come into contact with water. The second category of moisture-resistant sheetrock is called blue board. Blue board drywall is used for plastering and have high resistance against water and mold. This plaster board type is commonly used in bathrooms and other rooms with a high amount of moisture. Additionally, blue board helps to reduce noise. The other types of moisture-resistant sheetrock include paperless, purple, and cement.

Drywall Finishing Philadelphia, Pa
Drywall Finishing Philadelphia, Pa

Fire Resistant Drywall

Moisture or water damage could be due to poor plumbing systems leading to water leakages. Water damage might weaken your gypboard’s structural integrity. Even if water patches aren’t visible, moisture in ceilings or walls can lead to other issues like cracks.

Other factors that can cause issues are dented corner bead, popping nails, furniture scuffs, loosened up joint tape, everyday wear, and tear and pet damage. Despite your sheetrock issue, hiring the Philadelphia Drywall Contracting Company is an easy and fast way to refresh your rooms whose walls are damaged or looking tired.

In a nutshell, choosing the right service provider leads to satisfying and long-lasting results. You want to hire an experienced, fully licensed, and insured company like us! Why don’t you call us or visit our website for more information concerning our

Eco-Friendly Drywall

This gypsum board is classified as Enviroboard and EcoRock. Enviroboard are made of compressed fiber panels. Manufacturers use ecologically safe materials in making Enviroboard drywall. On the other hand, EcoRock drywall is made of recycled industrial byproducts.

Drywall Finishing Philadelphia, Pa
Drywall Installation Philadelphia, Pa

Soundproof Drywall

This wallboard is denser and stiffer than the regular types, and this helps to reduce vibration. The soundproof feature of it makes it ideal for areas where noise is a problem, such as family and music room walls.